The Affair


Kate: It had been a long time since Kate had seen him and he looked as handsome as ever! They met for lunch and started talking, it was like the years had never gone by and they hadn’t lost touch with each other. Before long,they made it a ritual to meet every week, and it continued in that manner.
Oluwole still loved her, and she could see it in every way;the way he looked at her, he made her feel beautiful. He’d call her with his eyes and she would go as if under a spell, mesmerized by his beauty cause he was that fine. The way he spoke to her, the way he kissed her and held her in his arms made her feel loved. She couldn’t fight the passion and desire that grew within her. Damning the voice of reason telling her not to get closer, she forgot her first love…..she made sure she dressed her best every morning….wearing her best lingerie, though she knew he wouldn’t see it since she wasn’t sleeping with him, she felt beautiful when she wore it. Her husband would look at her with loving eyes but he didn’t know what she was up to?…..Did he?
When she was done with him she went home to her husband and thought of Oluwole all the time.
She wasn’t a bitter woman or a heartless one, in fact she was full of love and passion. But it was for another man.
After their little emotional affair had destroyed her and she had come back to her senses she realized it had only brought her deep sorrow……she went back to her husband who now knew the truth of her months of betrayal. She couldn’t face her husband’s tears, it seared her heart reaching down to her soul.

‘I’m so sorry Tayo…..’She had said, tears running down her cheeks. She watched him as he absorbed her words. He sat at the dining table barely saying a word; the single tear that came down his cheek evidence of his pain. Minutes passed and he spoke up, his voice barely audible. ‘Why?’ He asked. He looked at her with the eyes of someone stabbed in the heart…..betrayed by someone close to him. When she couldn’t answer he got up and walked to their bedroom.

Tayo:  As soon as he heard it, felt as if someone had  knocked the air out of him. Tayo was full of rage and pain blinded him. He had guessed at what was happening but he tried his possible best to think otherwise. He had tried talking to her, getting close…but she didn’t let him. He had seen her dress in her best lingerie, thinking it was for him but now realizing it was probably for the other guy; he felt sick to his stomach. All his advances seemed like he was chasing her away… it seemed like he could see guilt in her eyes but as quickly as it came it faded. He sat on the edge of the bed, head bowed down… palms on his face, tears flooded his eye. ‘When had things gone wrong?’ He asked himself.  His first move was to leave for some days. All thoughts of his wife with another man sickening his heart. Days turned to weeks with him but he turned deaf to her pleas.
‘How can I forgive her? What she did hurt me to my soul!’ He said to himself. But yet he thought of all those years they had been together, what he had loved about her. He knew he hadn’t married her for her body but inner qualities he had seen in her. What had happened? Why had she cheated? He needed to know.

She said it was lust, the attraction she felt when she saw him was so strong and she knew better but allowed herself to fall. ‘I wasn’t spending as much time as I should have with you……I drifted ’cause of work among other things…..I’m sorry…..’ Tears forming in her eyes as it always did when the topic arose. He knew he still loved her.


Weeks later…….
‘I can’t forget you,’ Tayo told her when he had called her to see him. Holding her hands and looking into her eyes tenderly. ‘I love you. I can’t even think of letting you go; the only person that can keep me from you …is you.  My love for you supersedes this. Yes, I’m  hurt but I’m hoping we can get past this.’

Kate nodded, her pain for what she had done bringing her to her knees, professing her love for him over again; Promising to be the woman he had known and even better. She thought he would never forgive her…..but instead he led her to where they had both met. Saying the promises they had both made to each other. How could she have forgotten those wonderful years they had shared? Hope of restoration flowed to her with a determination to never let him down again, to fight everything within her that thought otherwise of her being with him.


The affair…….relating it with our relationship with God and how often we drift from Him and the everlasting love He’s offering, that we neglect the love God has to offer and chase short lived pleasures in life. But yet He’s ever faithful when we turn away from those pleasures and want to follow Him whole-hearted ly. Struggles come in life, but He’s there to see us through it.

Psalm 34 vs. 18 ‘The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, and saves such as have a contrite spirit.’
Hosea 14 vs. 4 ‘I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely, For My anger has turned away from him.’
Hosea 2 vs 19-20 ‘I will betroth you in righteousness and justice, in love and compassion. I will betroth you in faithfulness and you will acknowledge the Lord.’

A single thought of betrayal is as hurtful as the action itself.
When we have sinned and strayed from Him we are broken hearted by the sin we committed just as He is by how we hurt Him…..but yet in His state of hurt …when we say we are sorry He heals our broken hearts and loves us; wiping away our sins and forgiving us our trespasses…..


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