The Delayed Wedding…

on December 23, 2013

The Physical
The candle burnt her and she screamed in pain, frustration at her current situation setting in. She sucked on her thumb as her teary eyes stung with pain from using d ‘light’ to read. She had to get out of this hell hole they called a country. Her only way of escape was through Jite and he was yet to come back from America. He kept telling her the same thing , ‘Honey I’m setting a place up for both of us….you just have to be patient….give me sometime please.’ Sometime now equaled to four years since she had been waiting. She wanted to scream…..but it was late at night and she didn’t want to wake her parents who constantly hammered on her to move on…… Her friends even mocked her…..that thought alone made her get up from the table and walk to her bed. She picked up the pillow, finally giving in and screaming into it. She was deeply troubled.

It was moments like this that made her tempted to heed to their advice. Lola met Jite seven years back at a church event….it was close to love at first sight. Lola hadn’t imagined loving someone the way she loved him and she smiled reminiscing about those days. She could hardly wait to spend time with him, they had the love everyone wished for….the love she had hoped to have as a little girl and even greater. But now… She thought as her smile disappeared,now she was willing to just let go for awhile and have a little fun with her friends. She had thought about it and decided when he would finally come she would end her affairs and marry him. Yes! It was a great plan.

She had been faithful long enough, keeping herself all this while for him. Hadn’t she “tried”……. She could remember the fine guy that had approached her the day before… that moment her body suddenly felt jittery and she had goose bumps; she was drawn to him. That was where she would start from….. She got up and put off the candle and went to bed ecstatic about her decision. Little did she know that as she  finalized her’s, Jite had done the same with his plan, booking a flight back home.
Lola started spending late nights with her new ‘boyfriends’; different ones every night who promised her what ever she wanted. Her parents were now happy with her and she was living the life! It was on a day, when Lola went on with all her activities, that the unexpected happened. It was late in the night that she returned home and her parents gave her the most devastating news…..
‘Mum what do you mean Jite came here?’ She asked, sure her mum had clearly gotten ill.
‘What I said Lola……Jite came! He waited hours for you but …you didn’t show….’ Lola snapped at her asking why she hadn’t called her but she herself knew her phone battery had died earlier in the day. She bit her nails as she thought of what to do.

Early in the morning she drove to where he was lodging in a hotel and went up to meet him; thinking of the lies she would say.
When she knocked at the door and she heard his voice her heart took a leap. She took in a sharp breathe when he opened the door. Her Jite! He was here. She rushed to hug him…….he felt good with his firm body and strong abs. She stepped back to look at him and wanted to kiss him when he turned his face. It was then she noticed he was not as excited as she was at their meeting.
‘Baby, what’s wrong?’ She asked. When he looked at her she saw it in his eyes.
‘I know all you’ve been doing Lola……’ Lola shook her head; ashamed at what she had done. She tried telling him she did wait for him….but all was to no avail.
‘Lola I’m sorry…..I know the years have passed by, but was it too much to expect you to still be holding on to our love ? I promised you I would come back but you didn’t believe me. You didn’t trust me enough….’ He turned his back to her. Lola tried not to see the finality of this, she prayed inwardly for him to take her back. But his next words killed her.
‘I don’t know you anymore… have changed….just go on, continue with your life and forget coming back to me. It’s too late.’ He said, his face devoid of any emotion.
Her life was over! She might as well be taken to a psychiatric home….she was dead.

The Spiritual……….The Last Days


The earth is screaming pains as that of birth and it’s cries all over the world heard.
The last days,the last of suffering on earth for the saints to be taken up but the beginning of great pains for those who continue in sin and refuse Christ.

The day draws near; when His Spirit shall be taken away. The blood of mortals would be paid to gain immortality and the spirit of death would not be taunting them as before.
You ask, ‘Where is He? He is late in coming’.  You may think He won’t come again…..Do not be deceived ;for what He has done is given you more time to get your house in order. Do not mistake His patience for folly or inefficiency. His word is forever settled…..
Look around you, the signs of the end evident: Rampant homosexuality, earthquakes, tsunamis, increased death rates…..
‘…..Can ye not discern the end of the times?’ Matt 16 vs 3. Yesterday there was merriment, eating and drinking just like the days of Noah, Matt 24 vs 39, that is how it would be again……..
Keep in mind that your yesterday may not be your tomorrow.
His voice is still calling out, His arms wide open to receive as many that would come to Him; please run into them.

Sometimes the troubles of this world seem so hard to bear…..that we want to take a break and relax. We may even be tempted to join the world, but let’s hold fast to what we have;

John 14 vs 4 Rev 3 vs 11, be prepared; 1 John 2 vs 28……. and Watchful Matt 24 vs 43-44.

If he doesn’t come today or tomorrow or in the next five years…..would you still live for Him tomorrow?

1 Peter 4 vs 7, ‘The end of all things is near. Therefore be clear mined and self-controlled so that you can pray.’


3 responses to “The Delayed Wedding…

  1. May my love not wax cold,may I not be found wanting when he comes,Amen.
    Thanks for this dear,brings to reminder the fact that we should check how we live while waiting for our Lord to come,thank u. More grease!

    • @ Imperfectlyperfect ….Amen….God help us all….My pastor mentioned something ….that Christ’s coming could be like a woman who is waiting for the man she wants to marry and she just stops waiting and marries someone else. That was months ago. But recently it just came to me to write about the last days; we shouldn’t forget His coming.

  2. Yes,we shouldn’t forget..

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