A Wonderful Christmas…

on December 25, 2013


A Wonderful Christmas... coming your way.

A Wonderful Christmas… coming your way.

Isaiah 9 vs 1-7


In the midst of our yummy turkey and delicious meals, among friends and family or celebrating with one’s self….let’s remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. The true meaning of Christmas may be lost to some but not all.

Christmas has been told to us in so many ways. The story of Scrooge, who was known to be a stingy man; teaching us we should be givers. Stories of finding someone to love at Christmas and finding a family to share Christmas with. There may be others but these three seem like the totality of it: Love, Family (and friends) and Giving.

A true example of this is God Gave His Son, God made us a part of His Family and His Love for us is the reason for this.
Long ago, a child was born, a king who came to tear down the curtain standing between God and us and enable us to be fellow heirs with Him. He didn’t come as a child born into a royal palace to reign as is befitting for the King of Kings but came as a prince moving around like a pauper.

I wonder how Christ celebrated His birthday, I’m sure to Him it reminded Him of what He was here to do and the time left to do it. And here we are now, celebrating His birth because what He came to do He finished it all. And for that reason we can jump,shout and proclaim Jesus is Lord boldly!
For as Rick Warren said in his book ‘the purpose of Christmas’, Christmas is a time of Celebration, Salvation and Reconciliation to God. A time of remembering God’s love for us. Because without the three in one there wouldn’t be christmas.

What’s your Christmas like? What are you remembering and what are you passing through? To some Christmas could be a time of pain; a reminder of someone lost. Just receive His gift and allow great Joy….the likes you have never seen before come into your heart.
Luke 2 vs 10 ‘but the angel reassured them. “Don’t be afraid!” he said. “I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people.’

Merry Christmas!!!!!!


3 responses to “A Wonderful Christmas…

  1. Merry Christmas in arrears to you too!
    And mega great 2014 in advance to you.

  2. seun says:

    Nicely said can wait to see this year Christmas post

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