LION in the Dream

on January 20, 2014


They track us down in each step we take; now they surround us; they set their eyes to cast us to the ground…. Psalm 17:11

She ran as fast as she could, looking back at intervals. Whatever it was that was on her tail was gaining momentum. She stumbled and fell hard on wet grassy ground; her cap falling off to a distance. Not minding she felt some pain on her knee and ankle she quickly scrambled up , grabbed her cap and ran some more.

Having run some distance she stopped. Her arms ached and she was out of breath. It was getting darker and she could hear the sounds of crickets that had come out to play with their friends. Sonia stood next to a tree to catch her breath, the sun was fast retiring and she knew that those wild animals loved the darkness the more. Her being there was her fault but there was no need going over that now…no need for regrets ;it was time.
Sonia was prepared for what was to come. She was dressed as if for battle; having found an old turtle shell and used it as a shield, a stick with a spear she would use as a sword.

Like a lion greedy and eager to tear his prey, and as a young lion lurking in hidden places. …psalm17:12

Sonia heard something move behind her and turned quickly, fear gripping her heart and squeezing tightly. She saw the yellow eyes moving close to her and jumping in for the kill. She screamed as she used her spear to hit it….spraying some blood on her cap. She fought as hard as she could with others coming in. She couldn’t take them all. As soon as she let that thought sink in Sonia knew she had lost the battle……but something ironic was happening; she suddenly saw them moving back from her….Pointing at her back. The lion moved in and stood in front of her roaring….as if to declare this was its territory and a sound of warning for them to not move further. Sonia moved back….the animals had no other choice but to move back and Sonia suddenly felt like retreating in their direction.

Arise, O Lord! Confront and forestall them, cast them down! Deliver my life from the wicked by Your sword, From men by Your hand, O Lord, from men of this world [these poor moths of the night] whose portion in life is idle and vain. Their bellies are filled with Your hidden treasure [what You have stored up]; their children are satiated, and they leave the rest [of their] wealth to their babes. …psalm17:13-14


The Lion settled down close to her leg; seating calmly. She wondered what was happening. She was dumbfounded. She couldn’t explain the peace that suddenly filled her heart. Tears filled her eyes…and she knew only one thing could have happened; the Lion had come to save her and the battle was over….

Sonia suddenly woke up, sweating profusely.    She was amazed at what a dream she had but she knew the peace she felt then was as strong as that she had felt in the dream. She smiled, knowing all her troubles were over. The battle was indeed the Lord’s.

Ps 17 vs15
As for me, I will continue beholding Your face in righteousness (rightness, justice, and right standing with You); I shall be fully satisfied, when I awake [to find myself] beholding Your form [and having sweet communion with You].’


24 responses to “LION in the Dream

  1. I just burst out in tongue at the last line.. the battle is indeed the Lord’s, I will stand still and let Him takeover. God bless you for sharing this

  2. fola says:

    Lovely, is d LORD’s battle, the most high watches over his own, more grace,don’t stop working towards better write-ups

  3. segunrunsewe says:

    Awesome article T, I personally feel that this is something that we need to remind ourselves as we encounter the challenges in life, trust in God for the battle is indeed the Lord’s.

  4. segunrunsewe says:

    Awesome article T, I personally feel that this is something that we need to remind ourselves as we encounter the challenges of life, trust in God for the battle is indeed the Lord’s.

  5. Segun Timothy Oluwaseyi says:

    Nice one

  6. vincent fafa says:

    The lion in the Dream and mysteries of love the title is prayer is that to encourage you to put more effort and do the greater one in jesus name.

  7. Ayobami says:

    More grease to ur elbow. Ur indeed going places friendship.

  8. seun says:

    Nice as usual, I told you your not boring…nice work.

  9. bossmarkblog says:

    Reblogged this on bossmarkblog's Blog and commented:
    This is really nice

  10. sevemasterz says:

    Interesting & captivating, I couldn’t stop reading till I was done. Indeed God is a present help in time of trouble

  11. Ashiru busayo says:

    Quite simplified and @ d same tym filled wit suspense…….many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them from all
    gud job……topcake

  12. Tosin says:

    Sighhss! was wishing the post didnt end. Not only is this an artistic piece,it is also an a message of assurance expressed figuratively. looking forward to more of this tope.nice to meet u.

  13. Joseph says:

    Great piece…short but with a strong message…there is peace in his presence…the battle is over

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