Burning Desires…

on February 6, 2014

65205383 It was Monday morning at work and Flex couldn’t get Bimpe out of his head…..the way she had cat walked out of his sight the day before still haunting him…..everything about her was appealing to him and she didn’t have to try hard like most girls to get him into her….her simplicity and youthful behavior did it all; despite the fact that she had a wild and daring side and a sexiness about her that drove him crazy. He couldn’t help the fantasies that came to his mind…….
He had studied her before he had gone after her. At a point he had to ask himself if he loved her for her body or her personality….he would have to answer the question another time. He remembered when he had taken her to the club and they had danced ….the both of them gyrating to the music; their bodies in sync. The things he wanted to do to her. But he was trying to keep it cool and not rush things…..but someone had to tell the same thing to what was in his pants. ‘God help me….’, He said to himself. Bimpe was a girl of moderate height and wasn’t completely on the skinny or chubby side…..just in between. She had long perfectly carved legs that called to be massaged. She had that caramel complexion and just had everything in the right proportion. Her lips soft… He took a deep breathe… He knew she wasn’t ready for any serious intimacy and he wanted to respect her for that but it was getting hard. Bimpe was trying hard… was getting difficult with each passing day. Just the other day they were at his apartment and were watching TV when suddenly the ambience had changed and sexual tension was almost unbearable. They were alone in the room on the couch, looking into each other’s eyes…the desire in his eyes and also in his touch when he pulled her close…his voice thickened with it when he said her name….. His eyes strolled to her lips… her heart was beating twice as fast. Her body anticipated his coming, his hands moved to touch her face and she made room for the warm touch of his lips on her neck and she sighed deeply…… Bimpe shook with desire at the thought, taking deep breathes. Coming back to reality, she went back to cutting the onions before she cut her fingers!….she had to get control ….but how?….she sighed….one of these days she knew if she didn’t have control she would lose her virginity to him and she dreaded that though she loved him. At times she just wanted to kiss him senseless and make him know how crazy she was about him. She sighed. She had to talk to someone about it or she would regret the next move.
He had a lot of work to do at the office….but he had something to settle in his mind. Flex got to thinking and came to a conclusion….It was this awakened desire she caused within him that made him want her ….he didn’t love Bimpe….it was just her body…..right? But then he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand, tightening his jaw line out of frustration. Bimpe had been behaving weird these past three days…. when she answered her phone she was mono-syllable in their conversation. ‘What could have gone wrong?’ He asked himself. She had a lot of explaining to do… Bimpe had decided to talk to someone she trusted …an old friend of hers that, though quite older than her in years, could offer insight out of this dilemma she was in. “Lara….I mean sometimes I just want to do it and all….I’ve come so close to loosing it.” Lara smiled but didn’t say anything while Bimpe went on explaining her struggles. When she was done she listened intently to what Lara said. “First of all Bimpe if you didn’t go through all this I would say you’re an Alien.” She paused a bit then continued, “we all go through these things when we are so attracted to someone. I remember how it was with my husband before we got married…..we struggled with kissing and petting….when you are really attracted to someone its not easy but nothing is impossible with God’s help.” Bimpe asked her how God had anything to do with it. Lara went further to explain…”You see these feelings….emotions we have were put there by God. He can help us with the struggles when we call on Him. Now…don’t expect that the feelings would just disappear…but that when they come the strength to control them is what He would help you with…” Bimpe had moved forward in her seat opposite Lara when she was so enthralled with Lara’s words…but now she sat back. Lara had given her a lot of things to think about….
Bimpe smiled when she saw her man get out of his car, he hadn’t seen her yet, she was upstairs in her room peeping as she loved to look at him when he didn’t know, that way she could see the expressions on his face, and now it read anticipation and….. anger? She remembered how they met, she was at a friend’s party and someone was talking to her when he had rudely interrupted and she had been disgusted; though she had to admit he was absolutely divine to look at! ‘Such a pity you’re so insolent and annoying….’ She had thought. Later on, forgetting the whole scenario, she accepted his offer to dance with him; she couldn’t resist him.. she just got into it thinking what the heck…she wasn’t going to see him again…. and when they danced… was like the connection was electric….from then on they remained in touch….that was two months ago…. She remembered the conversation she had with Lara. As much as the talk with Lara had done much good, she couldn’t wait to see Flex. She wasn’t a ‘hot’ christian but knew the consequences of premarital sex but also didn’t want to lose him, but would her desire to have him in her life be too much for her? Yes, the feelings she had for flex was normal but what she would do with those feelings were more important…….. They had gone to catch a movie, had an early dinner at KFC and returned to Flex’s apartment, and were getting serious on the couch; the burning desires for each other strong. “Flex could we please talk?” Bimpe said to him, hand on his chest pushing him away gently, feeling his chiseled chest in the process. “Okay beautiful let’s talk….what’s on your mind? Are you ready to tell me why you’ve been acting strange these few days?” Bimpe hadn’t thought he noticed. “I’m sorry…I just had to think about some things…” She paused and he waited for her to continue. “I won’t deny that I’m attracted to you and want a lot more than kissing….but I don’t think I want to keep doing this…” Flex looked confused at what she was saying. ” Stop doing what?” “Stop this…thing we are doing….stop kissing…” He searched her eyes then burst out laughing. “Bimpe you had me there for a minute….Now I don’t know when you are serious and when you aren’t.” “I’m serious Flex….I got this thought that what’s happening shouldn’t…..”. Flex looked at her with concern, asking if everything was okay….for a minute there it sounded like he questioned her mental state.  “How can you one day just decide to change your mind??” Flex moved closer to her and tried kissing her, as if to ascertain her seriousness on the matter, but she turned her cheek to him. He got angry but made sure his tone didn’t show it….he put some distance between them. “Baby where is all this coming from? What do you mean you can’t kiss me again…don’t you enjoy it?” He looked so pained that Bimpe suddenly wanted to kiss him, as if that would placate him and she did… What happened next was amazing….
James 1 vs 13-16, ’13  Let no one say when he is tempted, I am tempted from God; for God is incapable of being tempted by [what is] evil and He Himself tempts no one. 14  But every person is tempted when he is drawn away, enticed and baited by his own evil desire (lust, passions). 15  Then the evil desire, when it has conceived, gives birth to sin, and sin, when it is fully matured, brings forth death. 16  Do not be misled, my beloved brethren.’

WATCH OUT for part 2……..


21 responses to “Burning Desires…

  1. bossmarkblog says:

    Wash this is nice,so much to take in

  2. fola says:

    Lovely write up, interesting got the reader’s unrivalled attention,keep it up

  3. bamy says:

    temptations…quite uneasy…but possible to avert…with strong will…nice piece!

  4. I loved this, the story line,the way you write,the bible passages..i know there will be a lesson in this,waiting for it.

  5. segunrunsewe says:

    Was captivated till the very end, looking forward to see the epic conclusion. Keep it up

  6. adenike says:

    Hmmmmmmm..nice, really nice

  7. esther says:

    Luvly write up, more grace 2 ur elbow… More of his wisdom n knowledge 2 do exploits….

  8. Amazing says:

    Hmmmn, cudn’t stop, jst had 2 finish it…… 9ce 1……. Beautiful riteup.

  9. tosin says:

    God shd direct us in Iife oo

  10. sam says:

    Nice piece,very practical and straight to the point…thumbs!

  11. sam says:

    nice and practical piece…thumbs!!!

  12. me says:

    hmmm, do not awaken love until it so desires

  13. […] of crucifying the flesh, to live by His Spirit, in this journey. I would tell you some of my posts, Burning desires, temptation….were more personal. I found myself falling more to the things of the passions […]

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