…Burning Desire 2 (concluding part)

on February 9, 2014


Hello everyone!!! How was your week???…hope fantastic….
Welcome to the concluding part of Burning Desires…..

They were kissing heavily, Bimpe now laying on the couch and Flex multitasking by removing her blouse with one hand and holding her with the other…all of a sudden she seemed to return to her senses. “I can’t do this,” she suddenly said, pulling away sharply….feeling bad that she had given in. “I’m sorry….”
Flex was dumbfounded. He got up and told her she should probably go home. She asked why…
“Do you expect me to hold your hand and just watch tv? Beautiful I can’t do what you are asking…sex…I can try…but kissing??????? No baby”. He gave a sad smile and told her it was best she left and he would drop her at home.
“You don’t want to be with me again? Is that it?” She asked, too scared to hear his answer.
“I care about you Bimpe…..I really do….but I just feel we shouldn’t go ahead…we want different things.”
“You care… but I love you…. I guess we aren’t on the same page…” With that said she walked out, telling him she would get home herself.

Later at home she broke down in tears and began to think what if she was over doing it….had she made the right decision? what if he loved her and she never met anyone like him again….her line of thoughts just provoked more tears …she was more confused than ever….and now he didn’t want to have anything to do with her.
Two months romance gone in a day….Bimpe sighed again….to forget him now was going to be hard.

Weeks later…..

“Yo! Flex……how you dey?” Dayo asked him. He was hanging out with his friend at an eatery.
“I dey jare…..” He answered absentmindedly. He hadn’t been able to stop thinking about Bimpe; her face and confession of loving him. They hadn’t spoken in a while and he had to admit that he missed her. So engrossed in his thoughts was he that he didn’t hear Dayo…….
“Dude wetin happen ….person die? Abi person break your heart?” Flex chuckled and admitted his thoughts.
“So what do you want to do now?” He shrugged and said he didn’t know. Dayo asked what it was about the girl that got him thrilled….’I mean there are a lot of girls out there….you that can call one girl and ten would answer.” Flex smiled, thinking that was true, he respected her choice though to him it sounded strange and nonsensical, but then he remembered how much he had fun with her….and he didn’t think he wanted anyone else.

Bimpe let herself cry for days at what happened. She didn’t want to eat and sleeping was difficult …she found herself waking up at night and crying herself back to sleep. She was taking it a day at a time …trying to forget him. Bimpe hadn’t heard from him and at times she found herself picking up the phone to call him and would then drop it quickly, changing her mind. Bimpe talked to Lara about it who encouraged her that she had chosen right to set things straight and if he really liked and respected her he would consider her values and if not all would be fine. ‘Easy for her to say….’ Bimpe thought to herself, she just wanted to sink into a hole and go away from the world.
So when she saw a black Toyota Corolla parked not far from her gate her heart literally did somersaults as she walked slowly towards him. He  spotted her and got out of his car.
“What are you doing here?” She asked, stabling her voice so it wouldn’t betray her innermost feelings.
“Hi Bimpe…..could I get a hug first?” He opened his arms wide to welcome her. She looked quizzically at him then hesitantly moved into his tall frame and hugged him… was like being in a home long abandoned but yearned for. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and she around his waist.
“Your hair smells lovely….” Bimpe muttered a thank you and made the first move to break their embrace. She brushed her hair from her face and asked how he was doing.
“I’m doing good…..but I miss you.” Bimpe folded her arms and put up an invincible wall.
“Hmmm…….alright, thanks for missing me.” She felt uncomfortable beneath his stares.  He invited her into his car so they could talk….. She wasn’t going to send him away, it wasn’t like he did something terrible to her….he just broke her heart; she followed him.
“Bimpe I don’t think I handled what happened between us well….”
“You think?” She interrupted.
“Okay, I know…..and I’m sorry. I was shocked and just thought it was best to leave it as that….I thought your decision wasn’t making sense and I was pissed, didn’t want to push you and thought it best we just stopped seeing each other since we wanted different things…..”
“You already did a lot of thinking back then…So what do you want now? Why are you here?”
“If you keep interrupting me I would shut you up by kissing you….” Bimpe frowned and made a move to get out of the car but he pulled her back gently; pleading with her to stay. She settled back in but thought if it was friendship he wanted; it was going to be nearly impossible.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking…..” He took a deep breathe, “and I’m willing to give this method of yours a try…… I’ve been in a lot of relationships ….done a lot of things and I enjoy them…I won’t lie to you…it’s going to be hard for me.”
 He looked at her intently, confused. “But can you just explain what’s there in kissing? Sex….I can get.. But kissing?”
“Kissing has a way of leading to something more, I would want you to touch me and all which would lead me ..both of wanting more.” Flex then said they would know when to stop before it reached that. Bimpe smiled and shook her head, telling him there were no off buttons and it was a risk to take. He looked out of the window and massaged his temple for a few minutes before looking at her and telling her he wanted them to give it a try.
Bimpe was shocked,she hadn’t expected it. She asked what if he decided to up and go…..
“Then we would both know we gave it a shot and made that decision together….”
“Beautiful I do care…..” She opened her mouth to ask if he loved her but he quickly put his finger to her lips…..”Yes Bimpe….I love you…..” He took her hands in his and she smiled. He suddenly left her hand and quickly stepped out of the car…
“What happened?” She asked when she came out and was at his side.
He looked embarrassed; a look she rarely saw. “I….I had that strong urge to kiss you….” She laughed and chanced a quick hug with him. In her heart thinking that Lara was right with her advise and God help them both. If she had gone on with her previous attitude they would have gone on with the kissing and probably more……

This isn’t a conclusion for all relationships….it may not even be for any, but the point is this; don’t let go of your principles to please anyone, especially one who’s just out for the cookie!
Desires….the passion we have for that person we are attracted to and want to explore our wildest thoughts with the person…its not easy to let the thoughts remain as such….
I’ve been there….the deep emotions and desire to do more with the person…that bitter-sweet dilemma of going all the way….just a touch sending shivers to your body….their smell (perfume or cologne o!)…..appealing to your sensual senses and driving you crazy….*don’t give me that look…we all have emotions except you are a piece of wood :D….ko easy mhen! …..but then it’s something we all have to try to overcome….not by our own strength as I’ve come to realize….but with God’s help.
Stick to your beliefs and values, if he or she is the one, mutual respect and agreement would spring up….if not? Then the person who would …..would come….
God help us all…..

Food for thought…
Songs of Solomon 2 vs 7

 Promise me, O women of Jerusalem,
by the gazelles and wild deer,
not to awaken love until the time is right.’


21 responses to “…Burning Desire 2 (concluding part)

  1. lademinds says:

    Nice one there Tope. I’ve been there too… I pray God. Continues to help us…

  2. lademinds says:

    Nice one Tope…with God’s help we can stand on our ground. It is only God who can give us the grace to say ‘No’. I loved the fact that Bimpe confided in Lara( an elderly sister in Christ)… the fear of God is another way of falling into youthful passion (Genesis 39: 8-9)

    • @ Lademinds….hmmm God gives us the grace to say ‘No’….I like that….indeed Joseph had the fear of God to resist such temptation…..yeah…we should confide more in people who can encourage us to do right….thanks for your contribution.

  3. seton akin akran says:

    very creative u could write a movie script

  4. Amazing says:

    Resist d devil nd he will flee 4m u….. Grace is wah we need, grace 2 make d decision, 2 stand by it…….. Totful riteup wif lots of lessons. Fanx Tope.

  5. jade says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more @ seton.Tope well said this is really something to reflect on, our values and principles are we are.

  6. vincent fafa says:

    U re the must lucky writer I have met in the middle of need I’m proud of you temi tee for real.I vincent fafa have apreciate ur book a lot

  7. sam says:

    jst wen I was enjoying the story with my icecream…den u ended it…nice piece though

  8. oladapo says:

    This is lovely! Keep it up girl

  9. segunrunsewe says:

    An epic conclusion, and was worth the wait. Look forward to the next article which I am sure would be a blessing. Great work!

  10. God bless you Tope and may HE continue to speak through you..lesons in this were tres profound.

  11. seton akin akran says:

    very creative could b used for a movie

  12. deji says:

    Nice one….tope I see you…bless

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