Butterflies and Dreams

on February 25, 2014


This is a mini series where we would relate the life of a butterfly to our dreams…..

The life of a butterfly

The enclosure moves… move closer to look at what is happening, the shell suddenly opens and the Larva emerges…. It meets constraints ….eating its way out to escape the enclosure…….it emerges … What it would do next is an adventure to watch…..its journey to beauty….

Butterflies live life in a particular pattern that continues from generation to generation without the thought of a change. They come to life from the egg stage, move on to the larva and pupa stage and finally become adult butterflies where the true meaning of their existence comes to realization. They mate, give birth, aid in pollination and then die. I could say they live a banal life…..but at least they get to do what they are here to do.

Our journey here on earth….

 When my journey on earth started I was still in playing around with my friends and toys… my idea of what I’m here to do was still a great mystery to me and more of a distant thought. Though from the time of childhood my sudden interest in a particular thing was evident by those around me; and even more so me. But any ideas or keen interest to continue in it may have not been so compelling.  Gradually, as I grew up, I found myself watching cartoons and retelling them in my own way in my head and putting it down on paper….. So with this gift or talent I had I didn’t really think anything could come out of it…it was just my way of sneaking out of this world and having fun in another world. So then what am I here to do? What do I then do with this talent?

The butterfly doesn’t just emerge from the egg, it takes a few stages before it comes out as a beautiful butterfly….so does your dream require stages before it is actualized.

We are all here to achieve purpose and have something special pertaining to each of us to achieve. We can follow the robotic pattern of life; grow up-go to school-work-marry-give birth-grow old-die. But in between these stages it’s our purpose, and the dreams we have in our heart that we ACTUALIZE, that make us different and more fulfilled.



To dream is to have a deep aspiration for something. Late Martin Luther king had a dream….a dream that would have sounded ludicrous at that time but now we are living it; the whole world is. Late Mandela also had a strong desire to get something done and he made an impact in the whole world.

Like a butterfly begins its form right from the egg stage, so are our dreams still in our minds. Your dreams right now is an egg, very precious to you. When you think to release it is when you hatch it out from your mind and move to the larva stage to see/consider how to go about it; seeing the possibilities of your dreams becoming a reality.
The larva eats and eats to nourish itself, research and research on how you can benefit others. Think and begin to act on it.
Find out what you are good at, that talent you have and how you hope to use it to impact lives; ’cause I don’t believe your talent is just for personal use but public impact.

 I thought of myself writing for fun to entertain my friends and I, but never as a major thing in life…until recently when I thought perhaps something fruitful could come out of it that one day I could write books, articles….great things and from then it became my dream….
Don’t limit yourself or dreams, I’m not going to do that.

Like I said this is a mini series, we would continue next time with the next stage after realizing what your purpose is, the challenges that come up …..stay tuned.

Till then I leave you with this quote by  George Bernard Shaw,

“Some men see things as they are and say ‘why?’ Others dream things that never were and say ‘why not?’ ”


17 responses to “Butterflies and Dreams

  1. Tunji says:

    Lovely, I enjoy every bit of it.

  2. hollahollu says:

    Please keep this up!

  3. segunrunsewe says:

    I love looking forward to your articles because I never know what to expect, just when I thought I got it figured out you bring something new and enlightening. Identifying and using ones purpose and gift(s) is something that will not only be beneficial to oneself but to mankind as a whole. Another awesome article keep it up and look forward to the next mini series. God bless

    • @ Segun….well…if you had it all figured out you wouldn’t be surprised…and I love the element of surprise *smile*…..hope YOU are chasing after your dreams…..God bless you too….

  4. seun says:

    Nice man.

  5. doyin says:

    Good one from you, looking forward to see the problems and hopefully the solution.

  6. jade says:

    I love I love I love

  7. thanks for sharing this dear..true words.

  8. Simi says:


  9. […] on your way to making your dreams a reality and now we look at living the dream. Remember in part one I mentioned that until you step out to use your talent for the benefit of others it still remains […]

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