Butterflies and Dreams…2

on March 5, 2014

How many of us took notice of a butterfly after my last article, did it leave any impression on you?
By now you should have realized what’s inside of you….right? If not keep thinking, exploring and praying…..surely it would come.

After ‘hatching’ from the egg, the young caterpillar spends most of it’s time eating leaves and gaining weight….
So also, after knowing your dreams it’s time to ask yourself ‘how can I bring it into realization?’ Like I said in the first Butterfly and Dreams, you need to research on how you can bring it into realization…for the benefit of others (and probably also how it can outlast you); I don’t think we can forget Thomas Edison, he never gave up his attempts…and now we are enjoying it (well most part of the world but I’m sure in Nigeria we will get there someday)

After much eating, the caterpillar enters the pupa stage , where it locked up in a cocoon, to build itself up and be fully developed.
In this period you would face obstacles; to put the dreams into action could be worrisome. Let’s explore the factors that can inhibit dreams:

Fear of what the future holds….fear if it would actually amount to anything. You may feel its too big to achieve…. Don’t underestimate yourself and your dreams…. Lay aside your fears and move into it.

Negatives; with all your dreams there would definitely be someone who would laugh and not even encourage you. Well, boo hoo to them…..surround yourselves with people who would cheer you along the way.
“THINK, ACT, CHANGE!!! When you think big dream big talk big act big, you scare the crap out of average people. They want to shoot you down and clip your wings, Mediocrity is too common so think big dream big talk big act big, all the same”. – Dapo Omotosho

Pride; this could be an aftermath after seeing certain results…becoming so overly impressed with your achievements. Don’t be too relaxed and feel you have arrived… for me I certainly haven’t *smile*
Sometimes after the excitement of writing yet another article and happy when people enjoy it… I find myself practically forgetting it and looking for what’s next…the next big thing….

Delay/Impatience; things may not be taking off as fast as you want it to and you probably begin to doubt your going into it…..don’t…just hold on.

Time; you may be working and feel there’s no time for those ‘childhood dreams’ ….or perhaps you want your children (if you are a parent) to live your dreams…..sorry to burst your bubble but your own children already have dreams in their heart they want to get done…..Resurrect your passions, dreams again and get into it. Don’t let regrets catch up with you….

Inability to act; dreams are never fulfilled by seating down….you need to DO something!
“Some are clueless and don’t act; Some are clueless and act (some of them eventually achieve their destiny); Some are clue-filled and don’t act (they never get anywhere); Some are clue-filled and act. knowledge is one thing, action is another. Think ACT Change!!!” – Dapo Omotosho

Losing focus on who gave you the dream in the first place, and not giving the praise and glory to Him. God is the source of our dreams and He has laid the capacity in us and placed the resources and people needed around us. He is our inspiration. Keep close to Him.
So what else could be limiting your dreams……?

‘In reality, though, the larval tissues completely break down and reorganize within the pupal skin. What emerges from the chrysalis is a fully formed adult–a butterfly.’ (From an article on metamorphosis)

For a butterfly to emerge, it has to come out of its cocoon….. Come Out Of Your Cocoon

When you do this, guess what happens? … You’ll watch out for the final mini series…..


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