Love: an asset or liability ?

on March 27, 2014


This is a topic worth pondering on, for deep thinkers who like to explore things in different dimensions.

Being asked the question if love is an asset or liability, would I say its both? You would have to find out…

First things first, I believe we should unclad the 3 key words here before delving into it.

Love- according to the world, it is a deep feeling of affection towards someone (though I would define it as a choice to show affection to someone)

Asset- anything of material value or usefulness that is owned by a person.

Liability- 1)anything that is a hindrance or puts an individual or group at a disadvantage or something someone is responsible for.
2)The state of being legally obliged and responsible.
3) An obligation to pay money to another party.
4)(Liabilities) Anything owed to someone else

So having defined that now, I ask myself, is my loving a person an asset or liability? (Ask yourself too)

Thought today is; If the man or woman isn’t working then the person is a liability. I have some male friends who say they want an asset and not a liability. Okay, fine. Monetary…that’s what they are looking at, but what about in terms of value?

An asset is something that is adding VALUE to someone’s life. So is your ‘love’ adding value to you or causing you to be at a disadvantage?

Love; whether Romantic or Platonic, one is involved in either or both relationships.
Is the other person (friend or partner) adding value to you? A company wants to employ people that would add value to them and make them grow…so also men and women want friends or partners adding values to their lives. The question is, ‘what do YOU have to offer?’ (And so I ask myself the same thing…)

An excerpt of an essay from the minimalists ‘Adding value to someone else’s life is one of the most important things you can do with your life, and it has nothing to do with money….. adding value is the only way to get another person’s buy-in, and it’s one of the few ways to get other people to believe in you as an individual.’

So that relationship you are in, where you are so in love with the individual (oh its so good to love and be loved my someone! 🙂 ) ….is he or she adding value to you? In other words is he or she an Asset?

So you may ask, ‘I’m in love but what can I add to him or her?’
Good! There are different things; you could inspire, lend a helping hand, be a shoulder to cry on, listen more, give your attention, support and so on. As women we could also look into what it means to be a help mate and not just thinking about what we can get but also what we can give…

Now that I reflect on it, I have been in relationships (both platonic and romantic) where values were and weren’t added. And I noticed I haven’t been so much in communication with those that didn’t add value; its more on an acquaintance level. Makes me wonder….if someone is so readily contributing to us wouldn’t we be running back for their advise, counsel or something? (Now I have to ask myself how many people come to meet ME for advise … )

If you feel your relationship isn’t adding value to you and you aren’t contributing as well (which seems like a fruitless one)…Think of how you can add value, act on it and get the desired change.

Another excerpt from an article, ‘is your relationship adding value?’ “……I just think any serious relationship needs to add value to your life, other than having someone to tell you “I love you”, and who will always go to the cinema with you. Why do you think we call it…significant other?”

Some peeps may say ‘love is too expensive ’cause I have to spend a lot of money’…. Oh please! Love is willing to be there for the other person (reasonably).

The one positive way I would say love is a liability is ’cause it is owed to EVERYONE. Yes! The bible says to love your neighbor as yourself….even your enemies. So everyone is now at debt….Lol…

Jesus is our greatest example of loving and adding values…. Jesus added the greatest value to our lives…the gift of salvation..

So is love an asset or liability?


It can be both! But you will choose which one you would stick with.

I have left you with personal questions to answer. Enjoy!

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7 responses to “Love: an asset or liability ?

  1. Your perspective are fresh and insightful
    especially on the fact that we all owe love to the world

    • Thank you Charles…..a friend just brought it up and it was quite an interesting piece to work on. Brought about questions to think about and things to work on. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. tolu says:

    Beautiful, really insightful, and its the best kind of write up…d one that leaves you with questions to answer and issues to ponder…

  3. seton akran says:

    awesome creativity but i don’t tink love is either a liability or asset because for it takes 3sec to say i love u 3 hours to explain it and a life time to prove it

    • Hmmm….well Seton. It could take a lifetime to show you love someone….it could also take few months. What I’m saying is no matter how much you love someone, if you aren’t willing to contribute anything to the person’s life….what’s the love all about? Let me ask you….what’s ur idea of love?

  4. bliss says:

    U cant chose to love som1 dat comes outside ur boundary of control, u can only chose to ignore the person 4 another but u will always kno whom u truly love deep down

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