What is Gods Love….?

on April 10, 2014


1545003_791357720881539_116553093_n_20140409215322664 Honestly speaking… can’t even answer this fully…but that’s what this blog is about; to discover what we can and hence grow deeper in it. I once asked that He should tell me about His love…and I got two things…one was a well came to mind and that His love is far far deeper than the well. And I had to google the feet of a well which is 150ft or more. That’s pretty deep! Second was we would need power to grasp how great the love of Christ is, power which is received from His Spirit. Eph 3 vs 18.

In the old testament, the Israelites were told to Love God; Deut 7 vs 7-8. But I want to think they didn’t really know how to and didn’t comprehend the degree of His love….

In Mal 1 vs 2-5, MSG version 2-3 God said, “I love you.” You replied, “Really? How have you loved us?” “Look at history” (this is God’s answer). “Look at how differently I’ve treated you, Jacob, from Esau: I loved Jacob and hated Esau. I reduced pretentious Esau to a molehill, turned his whole country into a ghost town.” Looking at verse 2-3 in the AMP version 2  I have loved you, says the Lord. Yet you say, How and in what way have You loved us? Was not Esau Jacob’s brother? says the Lord; yet I loved Jacob (Israel), 3  But [in comparison with the degree of love I have for Jacob] I have hated Esau [Edom] and have laid waste his mountains, and his heritage I have given to the jackals of the wilderness.

Continuing in the  MSG Version Verse 5 “Yes, take a good look. Then you’ll see how faithfully I’ve loved you and you’ll want even more, saying, ‘May GOD be even greater, beyond the borders of Israel!’ God’s love isn’t about our actions before He loved us, it isn’t about our feelings which come and go and can’t lead to something serious….. Someone once asked ‘so does God actually make a choice to love us?’ Yes yes and yes……He DECIDED to love us before we changed our ways to follow and obey Him.

It is His nature to Love.


Yet I don’t think the Israelites knew how much God loved …so God decided to show it to us by sending His son to us. 1 John 4 vs 9-10 9 God showed how much he loved us by sending his one and only Son into the world so that we might have eternal life through him.

10 This is real love—not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins.

The way He knows that we love Him like we say we do is when we keep His commandments. His Love for us is sure…but how sure is our love for Him? So is there true love? Let me ask is there true blessings? True peace?

In the bible, Jesus said the peace He gives us is not like the world gives it. The world now seems to offer a duplicate of what God offers….a temporal thing from His everlasting. Everything God gives is in its truest and purest form…..what the world offers is just a counterfeit. God’s peace is the only kind He had in mind for us…just like His love is the only one He had in mind for us. But how much of this love are we enjoying amongst ourselves? Let’s learn from Him and receive the love He is offering. I know that’s the kind of love I want…. 🙂

Look around now and see the good things God has done. Look at the past and see how much great things God has done. If I could see Him right in front me I don’t if I would jump in excitement, cry and laugh at the reality of finally seeing Him, hug Him close, fall at His feet in worship or shout for all to hear that I love Him.

Excellent Jehovah….Love you Lord!


4 responses to “What is Gods Love….?

  1. banjobabbs says:

    Agape Love, the true love of God.. Dedicated right on the Calvary tree, there is NO love greater than the love of God .. Love without Payment! Great work Dear Sister… God Bless you for being part of the Change !!

  2. God’s Love! This is a totally refreshing angle to it all.

  3. […] is to learn something; I need the Holy Spirit’s help. Remember in my last post on ‘God’s love‘ that we need power to understand God’s love, we need the Spirit of God to love […]

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