Abounding LOVE.

on April 21, 2014


She had heard Jesus was coming to this parts of town and she quickly picked up the alabaster jar and hurried off to Simon the Pharisee’s house. Amidst the stares she got she continued to move towards her destination….there was no time to waste.
She got there before him and held her alabaster jar close to her chest. The cloak around her hair and falling just mid way to shield the jar from seeing eyes.

She heard his voice and looked up to see Jesus walk into the Pharisee’s house. She moved closer to the door to see what was happening….Jesus took a seating position. ‘Was no one going to wash His feet?’ She asked herself looking at the servants offering Him water to drink. She took the cloak off her head…..her heart burdened.

There and then she risked her entire existence and moved slowly to Him…. The look of abomination on Simon’s face priceless..but she didn’t care.
‘What is she doing here?’ She heard them say. She knelt at His feet….overwhelmed with tears at being able to be this close to the master…she brought her face close to His feet and let the droplets from her eyes fall on them….her tears gathering momentum as she thought on all He had done for her, relating with her and not ashamed to identify with her…her stray hair lurking around she used it to dry His feet.

A conversation was going on amongst them but she wasn’t pushed away so she didn’t stop. In silence she did that which she wanted. She chanced a kiss on them. She only paused long enough to take the alabaster jar to perfume His Feet….this was her Master.

We know the concluding part of the story….she received forgiveness of her sins and Jesus taught the Pharisee a principle.  “Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven—as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little loves little.”

A profound principle!


Why does Jesus seek out sinners and associate with sinners?

We could name the woman a sinner, Jesus the Savior and Simon…Christians. How quick Simon was to condemn her but he himself didn’t treat Jesus well and hence couldn’t receive the all (His Love) that was being offered. Simon judged her but failed to see how he really was…. Simon probably felt holiness was physical separation from sinners but the woman outdid Simon in her response to love, loving Jesus.

(Hence the shock that would also occur when we get to heaven and discover who made it ….)

So how much do I love? Questions come up on how quick am I to forgive.
How hard is it for you to love?

We have received so much mercy from God for past sins and He had forgiven us. God’s abounding love flowing to us….

Ps 86 vs 5 and 13
‘5 You, Lord, are forgiving and good,
abounding in love to all who call to you.

13 For great is your love toward me;
you have delivered me from the depths,
from the realm of the dead.’

And how much are we letting that abounding love flow to others in loving them, forgiving them and other things love entails?

Even as one who is forgiven much loves much, the unnamed woman in Luke 7 vs 36-50, I feel she would love Jesus greatly and want to do His will and also in turn love others.


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