…Yours Truly,

on May 24, 2014


Hi……here I am …..once again. Hope you aren’t tired of me? Of my same ol same ol things.
I ask myself am I Yours?….. Yours for the taking?

Have I truly surrendered my all to You……my heart, soul, mind, body, love……….
I gave but yet a times its like I take it all back; Is that what love is? I know the answer…, it’s not. That’s not love….its just me putting a leg in and out….like playing hokey pokey with Your feelings…..and it shouldn’t be like that. I’m so sorry. Why? Why do I find myself falling short?…..

Give me a strong will and determined mind….I need it…..the ways of the world try to allure me….seduce me with their pleasures. I can’t fall….my desires always try to take centre stage and push You away from the spot light. It just goes to show me I need You more than ever before. Your three in one being my pillar. ‘Cos I want to be Yours truly at the end…..

I want it so badly….tears sting my eyes as I think on it. I’m tired of failing You……You are my only means of help. pls help me.


Yours …..



One response to “…Yours Truly,

  1. buckola says:

    After reading this…I felt really bad and tears came to my eyes.I’m so confused because i think I have done all this and it has ended badly.bearly 2months old everything was over.all on circumstances.and I guess he is tired.I feel like running away and never coming back.I’m shattered and broken.*tears*

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