Born For Your Generation…

on May 31, 2014



Erica looked at him with disgust….he was, and always would be, a pig to her.
“I don’t want to have anything to do with you!” She said to him.
“Why are you acting all self righteous all of a sudden! Haven’t you made mistakes before in your freaking lifetime…” The slap that came across his face was way too hard and you could see the tears that stung his eyes. ‘Had she hit him too hard?’ She asked herself. He looked at her…like he would gladly give her the same thing, but instead he stormed out of their home.
Erica sat down on the floor and covered her face with both hands, her hair disheveled and her shoulders shaking from the mingled sorrow and tears flowing from her.

“Cut!” The director said. “Good job Chika….we’ll be back in ten.”. Chika got up from the floor and walked out of the scene to where the refreshment stand was. She grabbed a bottle of water and made small talk with some of the casts and workers.

“Na wa o Chika….that slap no be ordinary slap. It was like you truly wanted to kill me.”Nonso, her husband in the movie, joked.

Chika laughed, but deep down she was tired. The going up and down and shooting movies were getting to her so much that she had forgotten her vision and was being sucked in with the idea of getting plenty money and being famous. She thought she lived a good life…one where she had money, had a good family but still …something seemed to be missing and she didn’t feel she was ‘it’ yet.

“Okay everyone back to position!” The director yelled. Chika put away her thoughts for yet another time and went back to work…this thoughts however continued to linger in her mind


Purpose is the reason why something, or rather someone, was created.
For something to come into existence then there is a reason why the ‘creator’ created it and what its meant to achieve.
You were created for a reason. To achieve something.

I guess once in a while you have those thoughts, if you are fulfilling purpose or if you are actually doing what you are meant to do. The satisfaction and sense of fulfilment in the work you do at the moment may not be there yet…and the void you feel cannot be filled with the material possessions you are acquiring with gusto.

The question is….
Are you fulfilling purpose?
Are you doing what God made you for?
Are you nearer or farther away from fulfilling your purpose?

These are questions you should ask yourself. In Rev 4 vs 11b; it is by God’s will that you have been created.

I’m sure you might have heard all of this before about purpose and all that. But are you really living a life of purpose?

A birthday is here! And apart from the celebrations and rejoicing of seeing another year. Something personal you should ask yourself is if you are closer to achieving what God made you for or farther away.

The book, PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE, we all might have heard about it. Some may have bought it and kept it somewhere in their library untouched, others who have read and forgotten it, and yet some who haven’t had the opportunity to get it.
This is a good way of refreshing our memories and refocusing on what’s important.

Going to the popular story of Genesis, of how man was created. God made Adam for a purpose which He revealed to Him and man went about it.

In Jer 1 vs 5 (NIV), “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

God made me for a reason. God made YOU for a reason. You just don’t exist to just be an onlooker of life. He made You for something in your generation. Take Moses and Aaron for example, they were both chosen and sent by God to deliver the Israelites from the Egyptians.

Now, what he has set you apart to do might not be a big thing that brings you to the lime light, it might be something little and quiet, but whatever the case you will have God applauding you for a job well done.

So how do you know what you are here for? The only person that can tell you why you are here and make you live a fulfilled life is God. Like the story above….Chika has acquired so much in possessions but felt something wasn’t right yet.

I had an awesome time at our Destiny Conference 2014, Oby Ezekwesili and Tunde Alabi , came as guest speakers and they mentioned some imperative things.

And I would share just little of what I learnt from both parties respectively:

“All the material things acquired in your life doesn’t mean you have been successful in life. What makes you successful is adding value to others…completing your Godly assignment.”

“We all have gifts and talents. We are all unique. Who you are and what you will become has already been written…go and find it out.”

I spoke extensively about us using our gifts and talents in Butterfly and Dreams sometime ago.

Let’s at the end of the day say like Jesus in John 17 vs 4 (NLT): I brought glory to you here on earth by completing the work you gave me to do.


5 responses to “Born For Your Generation…

  1. Thanks for this reminder Tope..
    Money doesn’t quantify doing what you are meant to do on earth..material things can’t be compared to touching lives that God has placed in you..may we all find our purpose in Christ and walk in it in Jesus name,amen.
    Btw, someone borrowed abi “colloby(ied)” my purpose driven life book oh, I need to re-read it… you just reminded me of that too.
    Have a great wEekend

    • You’re welcome. Thank God *smile*. Amen Frances. Ouch…so what are you going to do? Get it back or you would have to buy a new one?
      I am adding that to the books I need to read as well. We can be reading buddies! *big smile*

      • Will get another one.not now though, will start again in can’t wait till then shey?
        Or I can read now and stil read it again then. Will look 4it dis weekend to buy and holla at u. Reading buddies yeah?

  2. abisola says:

    Interestingly, PDL is the book we are reading currently at my place of worship. Its a must read for everyone who desires growth and are inquisitive about finding purpose 🙂

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