at the feet of JESUS.

on June 3, 2014


I walked into the room and dropped my bag at the floor close to the entrance of another room. The man inside the room looked up at me and smiled, motioning for me to enter with it. I looked questioningly at him, ‘cause it felt awkward carrying my huge duffel bag inside, but someone tapped me gently on my shoulder and told me it was okay. He  smiled warmly at me and told me to enter.

I shrugged and went in, that was when I saw other bags, and in fact Ghana –must-go bags there, much larger than my duffel bag, at a corner.

I sat down at his feet with others listening to what he was saying, I noticed some people were crying and some were smiling widely. I wondered ‘what would make these people laugh and cry? Was this what I had been invited for?’ I shook my head and tried to focus on what he was saying.
“So many of you have come here for different things and I’m glad you can trust me with these burdens you carry…..” He paused and seemed to look at everyone in the room, His eyes found mine, then went on, ‘you have all come from so far…you won’t go back the same, I have water and food to give you to ease your journey and strengthen you as you head back. Please make yourself comfortable.’

I decided to mingle with at least two people in the room to find out what this joy and tears were about. I was told of the peace they leave with, the lessons they learnt.

The man who had been talking walked up to me and he smiled. ‘Thank you for coming, hope to see you often.’ He reached out and held my hand. I smiled also. As I left I felt so much better and knew I would definitely be back.

All the issues…problems…baggages….don’t carry it into the new month. You might have tried to deal with them…but since you couldn’t why not just leave it to Jesus to take care of.

King Hezekiah, in 2 Kings 19, after reading the letter sent to him by his enemy and how they were going to destroy his kingdom, he spread the letter before God and cried out to Him and he got an answer from God. He didn’t rely on his great army and his strength but surrendered it all to Him.

Why not do the same? He would be pleased to take care of all your burdens….

Have a Blessed month!


4 responses to “at the feet of JESUS.

  1. tosin says:

    So lovely dear

  2. It always blows me away when I imagine how gentle Jesus is and how He always smiles, is kind even when He says stuff to us(me). It always makes me smile that a God that great is still so gentle with me.awwww. *feeling mushy for Jesus.

    This is nice,you captured it all so well. God is ever willing to take the baggage from us.

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