Heart Breakers & Trust Issues

on June 22, 2014


Trust issues

Commitment ish’s

How can I Trust again???

How can I Love again….

Heart break….is it just a figure of speech? I mean don’t our hearts fill like they’ve been ripped out of our bodies when hurt by love. Or am I going to the extreme?
You happen to see a couple holding hands and you can’t help but think of what could have been. The pain heavy in your heart, the thought of never being with him again depressing you. Lil’ wonder people ended up in psychiatric hospitals over it.
I personally know of a guy who told me he broke up with a girl and she ended up in the hospital. I heard of someone else who drank OMO detergent ’cause of that(don’t know how true that is but stuff happens!)

Not everyone is emotionally strong enough to take that kind of blow to the chest….

If you’ve never suffered from a heartbreak I pray you never get to experience it. The pain, the tears, the snorts (lots of it actually), sleepless nights, no appetite (or for some people and excess of it) and more, are all consequences of a heartbreak.

Honestly, when you have had your heart broken before…its difficult to trust. It changes your perception of things. If a partner cheated on you and/or jilted you, then the next person in line for your heart would have to deal with those trust issues attained.

But you see someone you care about and you WANT to Love but may be AFRAID to do so ’cause it entails trust. It entails you wanting the person to know everything about you. Something raw and bare….it exposes every part of you; your fears, weaknesses and leaves you vulnerable to the person.

And then 1 Corinth 13 vs 7 mentioned that Love always Trusts….

Trust means rely on, depend on, lean on…it means take care of my well-being….my heart.
But you don’t want to trust ….you can’t afford to hurt that way anymore. I was chatting with a friend of mine and we were discussing my trust issues. Indirectly he said I have to work on myself and rely on God to bring the right people into my life. That made good sense.

Now trusting can be hard. After all the ups and downs of the previous relationship. But trust you must. Take it baby steps at a time. Let God heal the past pain and lead your steps to a new beginning.

Don’t in turn be a heart breaker….you are just going to hurt yourself.

Trust God to bring the right person into your life and rest in His Love.


Been working on this and it’s finally here! Our motto:
….Forever Loving YOU…..


8 responses to “Heart Breakers & Trust Issues

  1. vincent fafa says:

    Heart breaker and the trust issues is one of the most perfect blog I have ever controbution to this is the lord our God will give you a more wisedom and experience to continiue focus on something like this. I said congratulation..

  2. ASHIRU Busayo says:

    The scripture makes it clear that we are not even permitted to TRuSt our own understanding, wow his he who put his trUst in MAN. Buh here is the beauty of the concept that clearly marks out a believer “Trust God to bring the right person into your life”

  3. Akinloluwa says:

    Quintessential! 😘

  4. seton akin akran says:

    well first i would say do not trust anyone but GOD first because these days people can be very funny.someone that knows you trust him or her can always take advantage of it and miss use it. i believe people have to earn you trust

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