on August 10, 2014


I’ve known you all my life. I saw you from afar that first time and fell in love with you.

You asked what my name was and I said, Emmanuel.’ You treated me badly first, ashamed of my coming close to you. You rejected me and yet I pursued you. You said you wanted nothing to do with me. That you weren’t ready for any relationship with me and all my advances were in vain…. Yet I pursued you. There were days I felt pained at your rejection… I told you no one would ever love you as I do.
I called several times for you but to no avail. I stopped my pursuit and decided to wait for you to come to me…. like I knew you would eventually when you were tired of what little frivolity you enjoyed. At a point in time I had to ask myself, ‘would I finally let her go? Could I?’ As I pondered on it and made a decision in my heart, I heard a cry at my door and rushed to see who it was…..

The first time I met You I didn’t think I wanted anything to do with You. Even hearing about You made me want to run the opposite way. I still wanted to enjoy my life. But I found out all my enjoyment was vain….

I reconsidered my meeting with You and when we met it was pure joy and excitement. I wanted to learn more of You in every way, like one gasping for its next breathe. We talked like friends getting to know each other. I couldn’t wait to meet You each day and whenever we did it was a thrilling experience!

I want to walk in love with You over and over again. Want it to be like the first time. I want to court love over and over again…. More of You is what I want. Can I dare to ask for more just like Twist?…. that is Oliver Twist? This isn’t the selfish love but one I cherish and can’t seem to have enough of. As a deer thirsts for water so I thirst for You.

There’s no question about it; I want to give this a fighting chance…. Your love gives me the strength to go on. There’s no other decision to make… I want to be married to You. I wait when I would be married to You till eternity where our love would forever remain and I get to know more about You. For You, O Lord, are my love. Your pursuit of me was worthwhile….

Psalm 18 vs 1, ‘I love You, O Lord, my strength.’


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