Is Loving Easy…?

on September 23, 2014


Chioma looked up from her book and stole a glance at Kingston as he spoke to the cashier and she smiled. They had both decided to hang out at the cafeteria. She liked him… what was there not to like? The easy manner about him, his unconventional jokes and the way he always made her want the best for herself.
“Yeah,” Chioma thought to herself, “he could have a little annoying streaks but who was perfect?” on the other hand, there was someone Chioma didn’t want to meet and as she saw him approaching she pushed her cap lower, which helped in concealing her messy hair and face altogether, hoping he hadn’t seen her.
“Oh no!” she thought. She brought out her phone and pretended to check something on it when she felt a light tap on her shoulder. Chioma scrunched up her face beneath the cap but looked up with a smile.
“Hi Kunle,” she said, but in her mind she was looking for a way to escape. “How are you?”
“I’m good and you?” Kunle sat down next to her and grabbed the book she had been reading, he looked at the cover and turned it over to probably read the description. Chioma said she was fine and looked at Kingston, wondering when he would be back. God forgive her, but she couldn’t stand talking with him. He just tended to infuriate her and make her lose her cool… quite the opposite of what Kingston did. . .

Real love loves for love’s sake and not because the loved one is lovable.

Yes, I have been in such a situation. When I read a book which reminded me of the bible telling us to love our enemies . . . I was like ok . . . how am I to do that? I can’t imagine having to talk to this person or keep taking on the insults he slips off once in a while.
We see someone we like; someone that we are ‘crazy’ about and would love to spend the rest of our lives with. So we take it as far as the altar and vow to be with them till death does us apart.
But what about those that we can’t even fathom liking, not to even talk about love.
Obviously in your life you would have come across some people that exasperate you and would make you want to run to the other side of the room when you see them. (or is it just me?)
I personally love Mexican soap operas and other romantic movies, though they have made love look so easy but in reality how easy is it to love someone you can’t stand?
To be factual, it’s not as easy as ABC. It’s easy to say the words but to act it out is the most important thing.

So . . . How do we all do it?


10 responses to “Is Loving Easy…?

  1. It’s hard..really hard but that’s the test of true love-the 1st Corinthian 13 love, where we chose to love like we should irrespective of what maybe because that’s what our heavenly father says we should do.
    We certainly can’t love like that by ourselves and that is why we have the Holy spirit to help us. It’s a fruit from him and not from us.
    That’s the only way to love whether we like the person or not..

    I am doing a series on this in my morning devotion in my family and I may even run it on my blog. It’s interesting how the love of the world is different from the love of God

    • Very true Frances. . . It’s hard! But it’s a choice each and every one of us has to make.
      Lol. . . How people have very ‘interesting’ definitions of love.
      Looking forward to what you have to say on your blog.
      P.s Please feel free to share your experiences of trying to love someone with us. 🙂

  2. Akinloluwa says:

    Methinks it depends on the type of love in question here…

  3. Akinloluwa says:

    Loving your neighbour shouldn’t be a burden. Really !!

  4. seton akran says:

    I don’t believe its hard to fall in love. people don’t just take enough time to understand and observe the person they are in love with because a lot of people can do crazy things wen they are in love. it takes 3sec to say I love you 3 hours to explain it and a life time to prove it.

  5. sholla says:

    God is love, wen we love God he gives us reason to love even doze dt ar unlovable.

  6. Rosemarie Martinez says:

    When I was about ten yrs old I read a story in Readers old man taught a young boy to always look for the best in look for the good. I tell myself that there is a part of God in everyone, and if I see no good in them, still they are greatly loved by God. If I cannot “love” them, I can still give respect, kindness and dignity to them

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