on November 26, 2014


Hi everyone! I’m so sorry for my absence. Apparently,  I set out to have some fun on the beach but at the end of the day, though I did have loads of fun, I had to deal with my phone falling into salt water…

Yh… I know, what was I thinking… taking my phone close to the water. Please believe it was an honest mistake… it happened unexpectedly!
So since November 1st till November 20th, I was completely Internet less… lol. I took it for repairs, but it took longer than expected…and unfortunately it can never be the same again *sniff*…
But thank God for His faithfulness and favor… I was able to get another phone, and now I’m here! I missed y’all… 🙂

So I would be dishing out the continuation of Lola and Segun as well as other articles that talk about friendship , Jealousy, etc.

Don’t let me leave you hanging, lemme share three of my beach pictures with you 🙂



*smile* my dear friends making it so obvious that I’m the shortest… lol


Next post is Lola and Segun 6…


2 responses to “APOLOGIES…

  1. Awww, I think this is the first full pix I am seeing of you on the blog…
    You look great 🙂

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