All Talk And No Action


Hi everyone! Welcome to a new month. The month of Love . . . Then again, every month is a month of love . . . No particular time or occasion should be reserved as the only ideal time to show love to someone. 🙂

As regarding the topic, I had a lengthy discussion with a friend of mine some days back. We discussed a number of issues and how much Christians have evolved over the years. We came to the conclusion that we Christians, though not all, have become more of the Christians who ‘talk the talk’ and not ‘walk the talk’. In the times of the Apostles, they backed up their talk with works; going to different places to evangelize, helping those in need and perfoming as much signs and wonders as the HolySpirit worked through them. Their lives spoke volumes of their relationship with God and it wasn’t hard for people to tell that ‘come . . . These people have been with Christ o!”

    How do our lives speak to others?

We have mixed up with the rest of the world so much that we say one thing, but behave differently outside. To the world, we may behave like them and we are just like them. They have heard us talk about Jesus, that they know there’s a Jesus somewhere. Then again . . . How do our lives reflect Jesus? That’s the eye-catcher, the attraction . . .

Last year, I wrote about us Loving God, ourselves and others. This year I would want us to focus a bit more on acting it out. It’s so sweet to ‘talk the talk’, but hard to put actions behind the talk. Let’s put it in mind that talking the talk encourages others, but acting it out pleases God. Love isn’t just about talk, it’s also needs to be acted upon.
Let’s do things differently from henceforth.

P.s Elections are around the corner. Hope you have all gotten your PVC’s. Please let’s vote our conscience. We want a change . . . A good change. We don’t want more of people who promise and fail to deliever . . . We want talk and action. We want a better Nigeria and not the same ole’ recycled propaganda and activites. You agree? Great, then let’s vote conscience and not sentiment. God bless you! I love you all! 

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Loving You Like Crazy…


It’s weird…. The whole thing called love. For Funke it came like a mighty wind and blew her off her feet; leaving her breathless and trying to hold on to what she could.

Funke didn’t know so much about it. She had just started university and was still trying to cope with school, work and making new friends. Shyness was more of her thing… so the whole process was difficult for her… till she met Femi. His name was practically begging her to love him in addition to his handsome look and sexy voice. And so she did love him, she loved him hard and un- relentlessly! She loved him with as much passion as he did her.

It was like walking on the clouds and not looking down, if one fell or not. But one thing about being in the clouds, as Funke later came to realize, was that sooner or later you would have to come back down; it could be a sudden rapid descent or a gradual gentle one. For Funke it had been the former. She discovered he wasn’t the one. She had poured her heart out to the wrong man and had it broken into pieces. The tears were unstoppable, the pain unbearable. Her friends tried their best to console her, but how could they wipe out three years of love for a man? With just a year left to graduate, she had thought that she would finally get the opportunity to introduce the man of her dreams to her family… That wasn’t going to happen any more.
She had no one else to confide in but in God; resting in His love was the best thing, surrendering her heart to him for keeps and asking Him to pour in her heart love for the right person at the right time. And at that moment, His peace filled her heart … and love for Him consumed her…            
     No one loves you like God loves you…
As she held on to her pillow while lying on her bed, she realised God was more important. She had spent time seeking comfort in God’s word. She had mused over God’s love for her and how much he loved her to send his son showed how ‘crazy’ he was about her. Gradually, she had seen things she hadn’t come to notice during her relationship with Femi. Funke had been so crazily in love with Femi that she had practically idolized him; worshipping the very place he walked.

Funke shifted to lie on her back and rested her head on the pillow. She had left her First Love, now realizing His love was more sincere than anything she had ever known and no one else could ever love her as much as Him; they just couldn’t! They couldn’t love her crazy like God did. She smiled. And if at all anything failed in life, His love for her wouldn’t. If anyone else walked away from her, He would never do that. If anyone else couldn’t accept her love, He was always ready to take it. And if anyone didn’t like her for who she was . . . He already loved her before she had been born . . .
She whispered the words ‘I love you Lord’ and closed her eyes as she drifted off to sleep…

            ~  Forever Loving You  ~

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MOSAIC … By Lolu Adedeji


A friend of mine wrote this beautiful poem … a heartfelt description of what she has gone, or is going through.
I think it’s what we Christians go through when we truly walk with God. Enjoy…

I seek you…I see you
Its my life
The one you gave to me
It’s what you’re doing
A blessed blend of pain and pleasure
You beckon me
To plunge in to the deep
Where my will is drowned and
True life is infused
In learning..
I’m growing
Learning your love in its completeness
And looking to others only to share..
I am no longer the girl who battled insecurities
Because your perfect love has scared them away
I look in the mirror
I see a woman on a journey
Hair still kinky, eyes still puffy
Lips still thick, eyes still simple
And she gas never looked more beautiful..
But I laugh
Because I know she will only get more beautiful by staring at your face
Heart circumcision
Installmental deliveries
And a fierce tale of love
Has just begun…

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A Fresh Start . . .


Happy New Year everyone! Thank God for 2014 and all we could and couldn’t get done. If you successfully completed your goals I congratulate you, and if not another year is here. 🙂  
Last year I wrote about us Dancing with God throughout the year 2014.  Now, probably things didn’t go as well as you would have liked, and the celebrations all around you doesn’t really matter ’cause of the problems you had last year are still there. Don’t lose hope… Like Joseph in the bible let’s learn to lean on God despite the difficulties, and we would come out strong.   

This year I feel so strongly about us drawing closer to God; that should be our number one priority. Let’s make a difference this year in our spiritual lives!

Special thanks to everyone following the blog, and also all who read along. I look forward to greater things this year. 🙂

Love you all!


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