MOSAIC … By Lolu Adedeji

on January 22, 2015


A friend of mine wrote this beautiful poem … a heartfelt description of what she has gone, or is going through.
I think it’s what we Christians go through when we truly walk with God. Enjoy…

I seek you…I see you
Its my life
The one you gave to me
It’s what you’re doing
A blessed blend of pain and pleasure
You beckon me
To plunge in to the deep
Where my will is drowned and
True life is infused
In learning..
I’m growing
Learning your love in its completeness
And looking to others only to share..
I am no longer the girl who battled insecurities
Because your perfect love has scared them away
I look in the mirror
I see a woman on a journey
Hair still kinky, eyes still puffy
Lips still thick, eyes still simple
And she gas never looked more beautiful..
But I laugh
Because I know she will only get more beautiful by staring at your face
Heart circumcision
Installmental deliveries
And a fierce tale of love
Has just begun…


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