All Talk And No Action

on January 31, 2015


Hi everyone! Welcome to a new month. The month of Love . . . Then again, every month is a month of love . . . No particular time or occasion should be reserved as the only ideal time to show love to someone. 🙂

As regarding the topic, I had a lengthy discussion with a friend of mine some days back. We discussed a number of issues and how much Christians have evolved over the years. We came to the conclusion that we Christians, though not all, have become more of the Christians who ‘talk the talk’ and not ‘walk the talk’. In the times of the Apostles, they backed up their talk with works; going to different places to evangelize, helping those in need and perfoming as much signs and wonders as the HolySpirit worked through them. Their lives spoke volumes of their relationship with God and it wasn’t hard for people to tell that ‘come . . . These people have been with Christ o!”

    How do our lives speak to others?

We have mixed up with the rest of the world so much that we say one thing, but behave differently outside. To the world, we may behave like them and we are just like them. They have heard us talk about Jesus, that they know there’s a Jesus somewhere. Then again . . . How do our lives reflect Jesus? That’s the eye-catcher, the attraction . . .

Last year, I wrote about us Loving God, ourselves and others. This year I would want us to focus a bit more on acting it out. It’s so sweet to ‘talk the talk’, but hard to put actions behind the talk. Let’s put it in mind that talking the talk encourages others, but acting it out pleases God. Love isn’t just about talk, it’s also needs to be acted upon.
Let’s do things differently from henceforth.

P.s Elections are around the corner. Hope you have all gotten your PVC’s. Please let’s vote our conscience. We want a change . . . A good change. We don’t want more of people who promise and fail to deliever . . . We want talk and action. We want a better Nigeria and not the same ole’ recycled propaganda and activites. You agree? Great, then let’s vote conscience and not sentiment. God bless you! I love you all! 


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