Don’t deny yourself

on February 7, 2015


In life we go through so many hurdles and trials that make us have second thoughts on how we want to behave towards others. We have been hurt too many times and we feel the need to change the way we are. Ever felt that way before? I know I have.

When you do things for someone and they act indifferent to your kind gestures . . . Not even an iota of appreciation. Then you feel, ‘why do I have to continue doing this?’ We then feel the need to change who we are and adapt to who they are i.e behave exactly the same way they do.
Are we really doing the right thing?
Are we showcasing the nature of God that way?

II Timothy 2:13 KJV, “if we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot DENY himself.” (Emphasis mine)

God remains faithful despite our unfaithfulness, for He cannot DENY Himself. God cannot deny who He is. He’s our loving Father, our Merciful Father, our Compassionate Father. All these, and more, He is and would continue to be.
If He so happened to change His nature and who He is . . . He wouldn’t be regarded as the same yesterday, today and forever.
If He changed His divine nature just because of our unfaithfulness we would be doomed.

What am I trying to say?

Just because we go through different tough relationships that leave us battered and broken, doesn’t mean we should change who we are.

What are you like? What’s your nature? Who are you in Christ? You’re loving, kind, open to love people . . . Why change ‘cause of what someone did to you? Why follow the worldly principle that people who are hurt, hurt other people? Don’t deny yourself. Don’t deny the fun loving nature that you have; don’t deny who you are. Remain true to yourself.

I remember when I was in a relationship some years back and I really tried to do things right. I gave my whole self into it. It didn’t work out at the end of the day and I felt the need to build a wall around myself and not be open. To keep my fun loving nature to myself and not trust anyone. But I was just restraining myself from being who I actually am. I needed to show love regardless of who didn’t return it! Instead, I was being too stiff with everything and everyone, which in turn made people afraid to approach me and show me love, as they felt it would neither be welcomed nor appreciated. LOL… Irony of life. That wall came down when I decided I would continue to be me regardless of what happened. If I give them exactly who they are, I don’t reflect the love of Christ. I don’t show them the natue of Christ.

So! Be you. When we do get hurt by what people do, let’s not lock ourselves up in a shell. We can learn from it and then ask for God’s grace and strength to move on. Don’t let anyone make you stop being you . . . I Love you all!


2 responses to “Don’t deny yourself

  1. Seun says:

    Love this……Keep up the good work

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