on March 4, 2015


It was another day in Lagos. Mike couldn’t tell how the day would be like, but he could apply a level of faith and speak how he wanted it to be. He was done with his devotion and set out to prepare breakfast as he usually did. The times were getting hard, his job was taking too much of his time and he rarely had an opportunity to go to church. Nevertheless, he tried as much as possible to have his quiet morning every morning.

It was eleven in the morning and so far work was going fine. He got up to submit a report to the MD. He knew how hard he had worked on it. The sleepless nights that had followed his wake. He knocked on her door and was told to come in.

“Good morning ma,” He said. She looked at him but didn’t answer. She asked what he wanted. “I want to drop the report -” She extended her hand to receive the file from him and he gave it to her. She opened the file and ran through the papers. Mike bowed his head down and was expecting praises from her. What he heard next was to his shock.

“What is this supposed to mean? Is this what we pay you for? You can’t even do a simple report.” Mike was astonished at her words. He had been writing reports just fine for the months he had been working there. So her sudden outburst was uncalled for. He looked up to the anger written all over her face. “I’m sorry ma, I -” She tossed the file on the table and told him to re-do it. Mike tried to keep his emotions at bay.

“Why are you still standing there? Get out of my office and get the work done.” Mike took the file and walked briskly out of the office.

Mike got into the bus and had to squeeze in between a fat woman with sweat trickling down her arms and man who was grateful to finally have someone come in between. She smelled of tomatoes and tatase. He looked down to her feet and saw how dirty they were. Mike would have shifted a little to the right but there was no space! He closed his eyes and hoped to rest a bit, since the journey to palmgroove from Ikeja would still take a little while.
Few minutes later, someone tapped him hard on his back and he sat up, alert. The conductor looking menancingly at him.
“Oga where your money?”
Mike’s face squeezed into a frown as he had been forcefully awaken. He checked for his wallet in his back pocket. It wasn’t there. He checked his front pocket if there was any change there. Nothing. Mike was growing nervous, likewise the conductor was growing impatient and shouting for his money.
“Calm down nau, I go give you your money. No shout on top my head abeg.” Mike said calmly. The woman beside him was looking at him like he was a thief, as if he were trying to act smart and finagle his way out of the situation. Mike said a silent prayer, begging God for help. First the annoying woman at work and now this? What was happening with him today? The conductor started raining abuses on him and people in the bus weren’t even trying to help him out.
“I can’t find my wallet. I don’t know, maybe it was stolen or I dropped it somewhere in the office.” The conductor knocked the top of the bus. “O n bole.” The bus slowed down and stopped. No one was willing to help him or hear him out. He got pushed out of the bus at Maryland and the bus took off. The conductor giving him ‘waka’.
Mike was stuck. Was he going to resort to begging? He decided to walk home. He hated everything that was happening to him at that moment. He was too irritated. As if on impulse, he put his hand in his pocket and felt something. He brought out two hundred naira. He looked at the money and started to laugh. He didn’t care of the people passing by who probably thought he was crazy. Something good came out of the day afterall.

The next day he was taking a bus back home. Someone happened to be in the same predicament as him. A woman this time around. He looked away. He didn’t want to help out. He would rather treat everyone the same way he had been treated, as that was the manner the world worked. He turned and looked at the woman backing the baby, a nagging feeling in his heart wanted him to act the opposite way. He hesitated, but finally pulled out a hundred naira note and gave the the conductor. The woman turned to look at him in shockand thanked him. “God bless you sir,” she said. Mike smiled and told her it was okay. The action made him feel good. Just ‘cause he had received the treatment from everyone, didn’t make it right.

Matthew 24 vs 12-13 AMP, ‘12 And the love of the great body of people would grow cold because of the multiplied lawlessness and iniquity, 13 But he who endures to the end will be saved.’


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