Life, God and Love!

on July 31, 2015


Hey guys!
So tomorrow we’re launching the new site! Yaay!  Hope you’ve subscribed to it… If you haven’t please do so right now…It wouldn’t take much of your time.
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We would be looking at relationship talks, life issues, Bible study, more exciting stories just like Rings and Roses love in various angles and so much more!
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And if you liked Rings and Roses…. you would love AWAKENED LOVE.


Here’s a sneak preview!


It is raining heavily when I wake up that afternoon. I sit up and rub my eyes; a yawn escaping my lips. The weavon on my head suddenly itchy, and my hand flew to it immediately; my long natural nails working to give me relief.

I groaned, “I don’t want to go to work . . .”

I let my head fall back on the soft pillow and pulled my duvet closer to my body. The romantic mixture of cold, warmth and the sounds of rain made me have a tingling sensation and yearn for a hot cup of Milo. I opted to close my eyes and let the loving arms of sleep whisk me away again to la-la land when I heard my mother shout my name. Oh no . . .

“Tomike Bello!”

I pulled my covers over my head. I wanted so badly to pretend that I was asleep, but my mother knew her voice could even wake the dead up!

“Yes mum!” I yelled back.

“Are you not going to work again? Abi what happened?”

“I’m going ma.” I knew that was the end of my second round of sleep. I grudgingly got up, shivering from the cold. The tiles were cold as I placed my legs on them and walked slowly to the bathroom outside my room. The smell of freshly cooked Egusi soup drifted to my nostrils as I got to the passage way and my stomach grumbled. Why is it when I’m going out that they cook all the delicacies? I frowned. If I eat Eba right now I would want to sleep. . . Maybe I would buy something from KFC on my way to work.

That decided, I filled up the bucket in the bath with both hot and cold water and brushed my teeth. It didn’t take long for me to finish up in the bathroom. I already had in mind what I wanted to wear; a Jean trouser, a Polo shirt, and a thick cardigan to shield the cold from my luscious bod.

After buying burger, fries, chicken and Pepsi, I headed over to work. The traffic is killing and I’m grateful to God that I left the time I did, or I would be late for my show.

As I drive into the compound I have finalised what discussion I would bring up in the next hour. One thing I had learnt about being a radio presenter was to be natural, not to force someone you are not. The listeners wanted topics and someone they could relate to. They also wanted an avenue to express themselves. In all? The listener’s expectations had to be met! And so far, I have done that.
“Good evening everyone!” I shouted over the sounds of Stella’s high-pitched voice as I walked in through the thick wooden doors into the cold room. “Chai! You people aren’t cold or what?”

Ade, the secretary and ‘big mummy’ in the studio, smiled. “I no no o! You’ve forgotten all these people are thick-skinned. See me sef as I dey wear winter coat.” Stella pointed to her black wind-breaker.

I chuckled. This is my family. The place where I find pleasure . . . Doing what I love the most. Talking! I was mostly a quiet person when I was much younger, so as my mother loved to say when she’s bragging about her ‘radio presenter daughter’. ‘You know she used to be so quiet when she was small. She’s gradually becoming more like me. A strong and assertive woman who is able to speak her mind regardless of other people’s opinions.’

I shake my head at the thought as I move to the break room and get a seat, bringing out my oily packs of food and smacking my lips together in anticipation.

“TB! See how you just hide yourself for one corner!” George bellowed out as his big frame walked towards me. His large tummy running ahead of him.

“Geordie, I’m starving abeg.”

“I figured. What plans do you have for us tonight?” He asked and took a seat in-front of me. His cologne mingling with the aroma of my food.

I shrug as I bit into my cheese burger. “You would have to wait and see. Just flow with me . . .”

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Love you all and thanks for your support thus far!

Have a great day!


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