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Hey everyone!
Hope you guys are doing great! As said, the e-book is out now. Yaay!  Sorry it’s coming late.
You can get your copy via the link below:

If you don’t have the Okadabooks application you could download via your phone, I pad, computer or blackberry. As I said, you could download it for a little price . . .

Please spread the word … tell your friends.

Love you all!
Have a great weekend.

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How’s you doing? Hope the week is going on well.
I realised some of you may have subscribed to the new site but would not receive updates of the latest posts. It’s probably ’cause you haven’t completed the process. So I’ll guide on how to go about it.


1) Go to

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4) Open the email and  confirm your subscription by clicking on ‘Yes, subscribe me to the list‘ .
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6) That’s all! You start receiving updates from the website. 🙂

If you have followed the steps up till three, but you didn’t check your email to confirm subscription… Please do so. The site is already in full swing!



The Convention has started! Please make out time to attend. It’s very much worth it!

Have a great day,
Love you all.
Temitope Ogunyinka.

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All Talk And No Action


Hi everyone! Welcome to a new month. The month of Love . . . Then again, every month is a month of love . . . No particular time or occasion should be reserved as the only ideal time to show love to someone. 🙂

As regarding the topic, I had a lengthy discussion with a friend of mine some days back. We discussed a number of issues and how much Christians have evolved over the years. We came to the conclusion that we Christians, though not all, have become more of the Christians who ‘talk the talk’ and not ‘walk the talk’. In the times of the Apostles, they backed up their talk with works; going to different places to evangelize, helping those in need and perfoming as much signs and wonders as the HolySpirit worked through them. Their lives spoke volumes of their relationship with God and it wasn’t hard for people to tell that ‘come . . . These people have been with Christ o!”

    How do our lives speak to others?

We have mixed up with the rest of the world so much that we say one thing, but behave differently outside. To the world, we may behave like them and we are just like them. They have heard us talk about Jesus, that they know there’s a Jesus somewhere. Then again . . . How do our lives reflect Jesus? That’s the eye-catcher, the attraction . . .

Last year, I wrote about us Loving God, ourselves and others. This year I would want us to focus a bit more on acting it out. It’s so sweet to ‘talk the talk’, but hard to put actions behind the talk. Let’s put it in mind that talking the talk encourages others, but acting it out pleases God. Love isn’t just about talk, it’s also needs to be acted upon.
Let’s do things differently from henceforth.

P.s Elections are around the corner. Hope you have all gotten your PVC’s. Please let’s vote our conscience. We want a change . . . A good change. We don’t want more of people who promise and fail to deliever . . . We want talk and action. We want a better Nigeria and not the same ole’ recycled propaganda and activites. You agree? Great, then let’s vote conscience and not sentiment. God bless you! I love you all! 

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MOSAIC … By Lolu Adedeji


A friend of mine wrote this beautiful poem … a heartfelt description of what she has gone, or is going through.
I think it’s what we Christians go through when we truly walk with God. Enjoy…

I seek you…I see you
Its my life
The one you gave to me
It’s what you’re doing
A blessed blend of pain and pleasure
You beckon me
To plunge in to the deep
Where my will is drowned and
True life is infused
In learning..
I’m growing
Learning your love in its completeness
And looking to others only to share..
I am no longer the girl who battled insecurities
Because your perfect love has scared them away
I look in the mirror
I see a woman on a journey
Hair still kinky, eyes still puffy
Lips still thick, eyes still simple
And she gas never looked more beautiful..
But I laugh
Because I know she will only get more beautiful by staring at your face
Heart circumcision
Installmental deliveries
And a fierce tale of love
Has just begun…

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A friend adds a certain colour to life, true love from a friend is heart warming…  you can never separate love from friendship, it’s where it all starts; the blossoming of romance… – MOL360

So far we have looked at God loving us, loving God, loving ourselves and others; if you haven’t read them, then please make out time to do so. *smile*

Naturally I have chosen a friendship in the bible that was a clear example, David and Jonathan…
They seemed so close and paddie- paddie like that I couldn’t help but admire their relationship.

1 Samuel 18 vs 1 and 3-4 (MSG):
1. By the time David had finished reporting to Saul, Jonathan was deeply impressed with David – an immediate bond was forged between them. He became totally committed to David. From that point on he would be David’s number-one advocate and friend.
3-4.   Jonathan, out of his deep love for David, made a covenant with him. He formalized it with solemn gifts: his own royal robe and weapons- armor, sword, bow, and belt. 

I wonder if David decided to give Jonathan his sling in return…

Like why would Prince Jonathan decide to befriend shepherd boy David? What did he see in him that made him develop such a close relationship and love so sincere, especially between men! (Ladies what’s up with us nau?)

Anyway back to the matter.

David had a profound faith in God. As a young boy, he went to meet Goliath without wearing any sort of protection, but with only knowing God. It showed his tremendous faith and  fearlessness. This is one of the things Jonathan might have seen in David.

I also believe they had view things in common:
– They shared the same religion
– They both loved and feared God, and I guess Jonathan saw it best to be close to the person who is close to God.
-And with their love… so deeply rooted in God’s love,  I won’t be surprised, if they sat down on the hills in the cool of the day, discussing the word of God and His goodness.
Jonathan didn’t do this with other people, probably ’cause there really was no one to converse with about such things,  but permit me to say God brought David his way. . .
If you yearn for such relationship with someone, even with your spouse,  it’s not impossible. Just talk to God about it 🙂

A friendship of two people that centres around a love for God will be strong and will last a long time. These kind of friends don’t think about what is best for ME, but what is best for each other, and how to glorify God. (

                     Then again. . .

There’s Jesus and He is our greatest friend.
Jesus who came and called us friends with the condition of us doing what He commanded.

John 15:14 (AMP), ‘You are MY friends if you keep on doing the things which I command you to do.’

Now don’t twist your face and think Jesus did prejudice or something by putting a condition. He sat among sinners, and they also became his friend once they abandoned their unjust ways. Don’t forget Amos 3:3 saying can two walk together unless they be agreed…

Jesus would always be our greatest friend,  who loved us so much that he came to die for us. So how’s your relationship with Him? Do you call on Him when things are down? Your friends can’t be with you 24/7, but Jesus is always there.
Imagine God looking at His children getting along with each other and smiling. . . And imagine Jesus telling God how close you guys are. . . Lovely isn’t it?
Build your friendship with Him and cherish it!

             ~  Forever Loving You ~

P.s If you haven’t really been a good friend to those around you… then make amends now… stop the argument you guys are having… pray for them… show love to them (brotherly and sisterly love o 🙂 ) , let them know you care…

So I want to appreciate a few of my friends… you people plenty sha, but I would like to say a special thanks to those that have worked behind the scenes with the blog… Mr Adejumo, Seyi Adesanya, Dapo Omotosho,  Rotimi Ogunyinka and Ayo Alao. Thank you all so much and God bless you! 🙂


If you would also like to display pictures of you and your friends please do! I appreciate them with you… 🙂


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