Love Chapter



Some say love is a feeling of deep emotions…..its that butterfly you have in your stomach when you see someone and you want to spend all your time with that person…. It’s when your heart skips a beat or does somersaults when he or she calls you.
Or like some say…..’I just can’t explain it…there’s just something about you and that’s why I love you.’ LOL! ….oops….*sorry* *covers face*
Or is it deciding to stay to make it work despite all circumstances?
It confuses me. What is love defined? The short stories below leads me to wonder what kind of love exists and which is truly love..

Sonia was intimate with him…how she felt was beyond words. She was satisfied…but when Tony walked out the door each day…She felt an emptiness gnawing at her. She felt used … nothing more than a used toilet paper. She wrapped her arms around herself and tried to keep the coldness that dances next to her away.

Kola wasn’t crazy to feel the way he felt. He got jealous when he saw Seun with other guys and made sure she knew it loud and clear. ‘I’m warning you to stop meeting with all these guys.’ He had told her some days back. ‘Come on Kola!…are you saying I can’t have friends anymore? That’s rubbish!’ There was no telling what he had done the next time he found her with another of her friends….he could barely contain his pain and anger; wanting answers…no self control to what he could do. Now looked at her body laying on the floor not too far from him…he looked down at his blood stained hands.

Lola was tempted to walk away. She couldn’t endure it any longer. The constant fights and terrible behavior made her want to leave. John’s numerous girlfriends tore her heart; their wedding vows of 6 months ringing in her ears.
Was it love if she didn’t want him anymore but kept on because she had made a vow?…when she had packed her bags ready to leave but the words ‘for better or worse’ rattled in her ears and mind forcing her to seat back and cry the tears of pain with no other choice but to stay behind and go no where. She seats back yet another day…waiting for the courage to go.

Sheila awoke from the sleep, the left side of her head ached. She could barely turn, but from the corner of her eye, noticed her husband seating beside her… She touched her tummy. Silent sobs almost choking her; her baby was gone. Was it love when she loved to the extent of rendering herself as a punching bag to the weak man not too far from her? Was it to make his muscles stronger and exercise his weak self esteem? Did it feel good to him when her blood dripped from her flesh uncontrollably?

Dayo didn’t know how he would tell her he didn’t feel so strongly for her as she felt for him. He was confused at first, asking himself if it was love when one cared for the other like a brother would or ask after her every chance he got? When her happiness was joy for him and he wanted to be there no matter what? He mostly saw her as a sister and he thought on how best to break the news to her.

Olamide was desperate for love and affection and wondered if it was bad to want him badly and do anything to have his love.  She tries so hard to please all he wants her to be. Dress to his taste and not to hers. “No” , she thought, “I can’t disappoint him” She’s desperate to get all she can..when she felt no one else would give it to her.

Mary was ecstatic. He was patient, loving, caring…always wanting to spend time with her; He was a workaholic but he made out time to make things work. He loved her not just with words but with deeds. Sometimes she laughs at the silly times they have together and was glad she could be free with him and him her. Though like a rose, their love was beautiful and founded on a solid foundation, the rose also had thorns….which meant there would be some rough edges, but together they would get past it. They were comfortable in their love with respect for one another.

What’s this ‘love’ thing all about?

What is your definition of love?

I for one believe love isn’t based on feelings but is a decision, I have been in love….love that made me free and want to put in my all…to want to be with the person almost every minute….so sure in the love was I that I was ready to defend my actions ….but like every relationships there were problems….and I  experienced heartbreak….I had that depressing feeling so thick and it made me just want to be alone …but days and weeks passed…it took awhile but I thank God I was able to get past it. That was when I wrote past the pain…..I expressed my thoughts and feelings and knew I would see it through.

So I throw it open to all…..let’s get real with each other and express ourselves. what do you think?


15 responses to “Love Chapter

  1. Tunmise Gege says:


  2. MJJ says:

    God is Love. To be a perfect lover, come to the author of love, God Almighty.
    You’ll be amazed how loving you can be.
    He teaches with clarity and gives insight even to those hidden treasures kept away long before.

    • @ MJJ ….hmmmmmm…..I like that ‘to be a perfect lover come to the author of love, God Almighty’. That’s so true. Some people, if not most, are yet to be perfect lovers and feel the love they give right now is the best…..

  3. Afol says:

    Love is much more like a good feeling created by the mind to make it work and function uninterrupted with a joyful heart. Love is a four letter word but has more than 4000 meaning. What I know love happens to every human being, and we will all get our chance at loving, you just have to tap into it with all your heart to get 100% Love in action. Good Job Admin 🙂

    • @ Afol….you have to tap into it with all your heart to get 100%…..hmmm….so would you say Love is work?
      Yeah love in action and just not in words….we will all get the chance to love but a lot of people feel the only love they can get is romantic love…(Between a man and a woman)

  4. tosin says:

    love should be a everyday affair,so dat we can get to use it

  5. tolu says:

    Tope Tope…beautifully put together, like a jewel reflecting light of different shades, you have been able to capture different angles of ‘love’.
    Love for me, is what makes you want to treat someone else better than yourself. You want them to have more, because their joy feeds your joy, their smile feeds yours, abbl.
    Although there is the issue, like you pointed out, of ‘sister’ love, but really, what love is as strong and pure as that of a brother for a sister. When you start loving someone like a ‘sister’ but say you don’t love her like a girlfriend/wife, before you break the news to her, you need to be very sure, so that you don’t lose your true love while chasing a certain ‘perfect’ imaginary babe.
    Well done again Tope

  6. lekan says:

    Love is simply God and everything God represents is Love. Love is not feelings however, love has expressions which we all subscribe to

  7. jade says:

    Love asks for nothing in return

  8. Love is not a feeling..its not butterflies in our tommy…
    It’s deeper than that…
    It’s a decision to love like 1Cor 13 says, come rain or shine.
    A decision to love like Jesus Loves.
    As christ loves the church.
    That and only that is true love.
    Loving through whatever maybe…

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